Urbana is located in a land rich in tranquillity and looks back on an illustrious past. It is an excellent base from which to visit the famous cities of art: Mantova, Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Venice. the Hotel of Urbana, garantees its guests a cordial and pleasant atmosphere.
Very close to the hotel, some ancient villas overlook the fertile surrounding countryside, like the Villa Gaudio from the 17th century, in Pressana, still partly furnished with furniture of that time. In the same area, Villa Querini Stampalia is another example of the Venetian Empire that expanded into the Venetian hinterland at the beginning of 13th century.

the Castello di Bevilacqua perfectly represents the idea of Villa Fortezza in which the feudal lord cared not only for his security but for the beauty of his own dwelling place. Now the castle is a centre for congresses and can host banquets, ceremonies, and prestigious business dinners.

From the lust of villas and castles to the serene, simpler beauty of the Hotel Centrale of Urbana that welcomes its guests in large and comfortable rooms with independent heating controls and the option of the single room and in the twin double room, with the TV, internet connection, direct line phone and a large enclosed parking area.
Ideal for groups or for families who seek the serenity of a place from which they can discover the beauty of a such fascinating landscape.

A few kilometres from the Hotel, a typical Venetian courtyard from the 16th Century hosts the Factorial Dalla s Francesca, where you can come into contact with farmyard animals, flowers, and plants as well as discovering the traditional techniques of beekeeping and witness the busy life that is characteristic of a day in a farm in old days.
Another important feature of the place, an example of the modern techniques of stockfarming: La Stalla Sociale, in which particularly care is taken over the choice of quality of forage to guarantee the good health and the genuine quality of bovine meat.
In the friendly and welcoming hospitality of Centrale hotel even breakfast can be taken in a pleasant atmosphere: the dining room is large and bright and might tempt you to opt for a day in rather than taking off for a new day of discoveries.

A few kilometres from the hotel, there s a monumental group of buildings that is the Monastery of San Salvaro is also home a youth hostel to the painstaking restoration of the ancient Osteria and the Museo delle Antiche Vie where is possible to see objects from the past that were used for working the land. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the mild temperature and the tingling air makes a relaxing bicycle ride irresistible.
Hotel Centrale offers very good bikes to rent with which one can ride through the shadowed road edged by trees, or maybe cycle to the town of Montagnana close by, a magnificent example of military mediaeval architecture magically well preserved.

Fortified at the beginning of the 12th century Montagnana offers charming views. The matchless beauty of the ancient walls, the Dome that overlook the Piazza Maggiore. On the first Sunday of September of every year in Montagnana, the Palio race allows you to live the emotions of bare-back horse racing galloping over the green grass of the Vallo.

In the prosperous agricultural area around Montagnana, the traditions and the processing of pork have been documented since the 14th century. In the Salumificio Brianza the choice cuts of pork go through all cycle of processing, from the salting to the seasoning followed through and worked by the hands of experts who have passed down their skills over generations. The knowledge and the passion that follow the production of the dressed pork products of Brianza have maintained their reputation, such as the care of the craft and the attention that goes into the seasoning of the delicious sweet dry-cured ham.

A few kilometres from the Hotel is Este, another majestic fort from Carrara. This is a very beautiful little town containing the prestigious Museo Nazionale Atestino, that is home to the valuable collection of the prehistoric Venetian artefacts.
From the Albergo Centrale one can reach the little town of Monselice at the foot of Euganei Passes, dominated by the mediaeval Rocca that stands high over the city. Very charming is the ascent to the 7 little churches, a kind of a miniature pilgrimage, with the very beautiful Duomo Antico (Old Cathedral) e Castello Cini. The hotel, a starting point for breathtaking excursions in surroundings steeped in nature and art, is also very close to the Cantina Sociale di Merlara. Here they are picking the grapes, fruit of this fertile area thanks to the expert knowledge of viticulturists, here the same grapes are processed, fermented and aged. In the company store of the Cantina Sociale you can take in the scent and the taste of the local DOC (controlled denomination of origin) wines, and enjoy some of the gastronomic delicacies typical of this area.

In addition to the pleasant and warm welcome which you can be assured of from the.
Hotel Centrale of Urbana is the ideal place for anybody who wants to spend a holiday with serenity and a wide range of choices: the opportunities are endless.

The three stars hotel opens its doors wide: we are waiting for you!

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The offered services, destinations and cultural and artistic programs are:
Private air bus who arrives in the Venice, Verona, Milan airport from the minimum group leaving from ten (10) people
Tourist guide for the Venetian artistic and walled towns
Visit to the tourist to medial age castle and Venetian villas:

1. Castello di Bevilacqua
2. Villa Poiana
3. Villa Gaudio
4. Villa querini Stampaglia
5. Castel S. Zeno di Montagnana

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