From the Ostello of San Salvaro one can reach the little town of Monselice at the foot of Euganei Passes, dominated by the mediaeval Rocca that stands high over the city. Very charming is the ascent to the 7 little churches, a kind of a miniature pilgrimage, with the very beautiful Duomo Antico (Old Cathedral) e Castello Cini.

Ostello of San Salvaro, a starting point for breathtaking excursions in surroundings steeped in nature and art, is also very close to the Cantina Sociale di Merlara. Here they are picking the grapes, fruit of this fertile area thanks to the expert knowledge of viticulturists, here the same grapes are processed, fermented and aged. In the company store of the Cantina Sociale you can take in the scent and the taste of the local DOC (controlled denomination of origin) wines, and enjoy some of the gastronomic delicacies typical of this area.
In addition to the pleasant and warm welcome which you can be assured of from the Ostello di San Salvaro, there are added also special events and festivals, like the Festa di Pasquetta, where the tradition demands that knowledgeable hands dedicate themselves to the cooking of roast suckling pig.
And then there are concerts, table-football tournaments that enliven the summer and the beautiful courtyard of an ancient cloister. Ostello di San Salvaro is the ideal place for anybody who wants to spend a holiday with serenity and a wide range of choices: the opportunities are endless.

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